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Bottle Stop Training Tool

What is Bottle Stop?

This is a training tool used to correct specific unwanted behavior in dogs. Bottle Stop is created from recycled plastic water bottles filled partially with small marble rocks to create noise.

How does Bottle Stop work?

The noise created by shaking Bottle Stop causes a momentary distraction for your dog, lessening their focus on the behavior at hand and allowing you to correct your dog with a verbal instruction.

How do I use Bottle Stop?

As soon as you see your dog engaged in unwanted behavior shake Bottle Stop to distract your dog from the behavior she/he is engaged in. Immediately follow by giving a corrective verbal instruction. Some examples are:

“No” if you want the behavior to stop altogether, such as jumping up on you.

“Enough” or “Stop” if you want your dog to engage in the behavior, such as barking when someone comes to the door, but stop when you give the instruction to do so.

“Come” or “Lie down” when you want your dog to stop the behavior and then respond to another instruction. Your dog will need to have been taught the basics in training before applying this type of instruction effectively.

What if my dog is not near enough for me to correct?

If your dog is, for example barking at the neighbor’s cat next door, and is at the far end of the yard, you can throw Bottle Stop so it lands near your dog and then give a verbal correction. Your dog will wonder how you were able to make it over to them in record time. Bottle Stop effectively becomes an extension of you.